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Scaffolding Level Three

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a) Member in good standing;

b) Completion of the Level Two Scaffold Course;

c) A minimum of 2600 hours' field experience in the scaffold trade; and

d) Will not progress to a ticketed Journeyman Scaffolder until 3rd Year Anniversary date and documentation of 3900 hours.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America; Local 1325 and 2103 have started and will continue to run an apprenticeship for Scaffold Training. The Training is based on a three-year apprenticeship program of practical field experience and classroom training.

The maximum class size for each Scaffold course is 12, if you register for a course and it is booked; you will then be placed in the next available class if a class is available. You will receive a phone call or an acceptance letter one month prior to the course. You are required to confirm or decline your participation two weeks prior to the course.

The Alberta Carpenters Training Centre has expanded their Scaffold Training from Edmonton; we are now offering all the courses in Fort McMurray and Calgary as well.

Proof of hours should be documented in your Scaffold Apprenticeship Book. If you do not have a Scaffold Apprenticeship Book contact our office. The Alberta Carpenters Training Centre will no longer accept Pay Stubs, Records of Employments (ROE), or letters from the contractor as proof of hours.

Members who are taking the Scaffold Apprenticeship should have the company(s) they work for fill ou tthe book appropriately. The company should fill out:

- the date;
- how many hours;
- what type of scaffolding;
- they MUST sign, date; and
- stamp the book.

Members will not progress with out their book being filled out!

Calgary Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Mar 16, 2020 to Apr 9, 2020 CS3-0316 Course is Full  

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