Committed to Preparing the Carpenters of Alberta

About Us

The Alberta Carpenters Training Centre (ACTC) is affiliated with the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers. We are funded by the Alberta Carpenters Training Fund, which in turn, is funded through employer contributions, and of course our members through our collective agreements. We are here to help the members of the UBC in Alberta gain the skillset they need to excel in their field. We have been able to develop and provide one of the most comprehensive and in-depth Industrial Scaffolder Apprenticeship programs in North America, and our dedication to the completion of apprenticeship in all areas of our trade continues today.

The employers and contractors in Alberta recognize the need for a trained, professional, safe workforce. We have trained thousands of UBC members, and plan on training thousands more.

Our Mission
The Alberta Carpenters Training Fund is a Union Training Centre that exists to provide and create a skilled and educated workforce that ensures our UBC members and signatory contractors lead the industry in productivity, skills, safety and leadership.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a highly skilled, competently trained professional workforce that have a positive attitude towards their career, safety and mentorship. Our standard of excellence is to lead the industry in innovation, leadership and program development for our members, signatory contractors and the industry as a whole.

Our Values
- Membership & Industry commitment and collaboration
- Quality & Value
- Innovation and Evolution of program development
- Leadership through excellence
- Teamwork, respect, diversity, and equality
- Personal Accountability
- Meet or exceed Industry Needs
- Unity Ethics
- Lifelong learning

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