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OSSA Fall Protection

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This OSSA Certified Fall Protection program is to ensure that students understand fall protection safety principles and how they apply to real work environments. At the end of the course students will understand how to use the equipment correctly and to use fall protection at all times.

For courses starting with code FP- will be at THE TRAINING CENTRE. To attend the class you MUST bring:
- $25
- Photo ID

Required attire is substantial footware, no Sandals or Flip Flops allowed, and a long sleeve shirt if preferred.

Once booked, to cancel, you must call or leave message at (780) 455-6532 Ext. 4245 to avoid the NO SHOW FEE of $150.

Class is 8:00am - 4:30pm

Edmonton Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Oct 22, 2019 FP-1022 Course is Full  
  Oct 27, 2019 FP-1027 Course is Full  
  Oct 30, 2019 FP-1030 Course is Full  
  Nov 3, 2019 FP-1103 Course is Full  
  Nov 5, 2019 FP-1105 Course is Full  
  Nov 12, 2019 FP-1112 Course is Full  
  Nov 15, 2019 FP-1115 Course is Full  
  Nov 19, 2019 FP-1119 Course is Full  
  Nov 23, 2019 FP-1123 Course is Full  
  Nov 27, 2019 FP-1127 Course is Full  

Calgary Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Oct 21, 2019 CFP-1021 Course is Full  
  Oct 28, 2019 CFP-1028 Course is Full  
  Nov 1, 2019 CFP-1101 Course is Full  
  Nov 5, 2019 CFP-1105 Course is Full  
  Nov 12, 2019 CFP-1112 Course is Full  
  Nov 18, 2019 CFP-1118 Course is Full  
  Nov 25, 2019 CFP-1125 Course is Full  
  Nov 29, 2019 CFP-1129 Course is Full  

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