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H2S Alive

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This Enform Certified course is intended for all workers in the petroleum industry who could be exposed to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), also known as sour gas. This course is required for people who work in the field of the oil industry.

** For Calgary courses starting with codes CH2S- will be at our preferred provider's, ACTI, training facility. Address will be listed in the confirmation email. To attend the class you MUST bring::
- $25
- Photo ID

Once booked, to cancel, you must call or leave message at (780) 455-6532 Ext. 4245 to avoid the NO SHOW FEE of $150.

Use the NORTH Entrance of the building

Class is 8:00am - 4:30pm

Edmonton Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Feb 20, 2019 H2S-0220 Course is Full  
  Feb 26, 2019 H2S-0226 Course is Full  
  Mar 7, 2019 H2S-0307 Course is Full  
  Mar 15, 2019 H2S-0315 Course is Full  
  Mar 20, 2019 H2S-0320 Course is Full  
  Mar 28, 2019 H2S-0328 Course is Full  

Calgary Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Feb 19, 2019 CH2S-0219 Course is Cancelled  
  Feb 25, 2019 CH2S-0225 Course is Full  
  Mar 5, 2019 CH2S-0305 Course is Full  
  Mar 13, 2019 CH2S-0313 Course is Full  
  Mar 22, 2019 CH2S-0322 Course is Full  
  Mar 29, 2019 CH2S-0329 Course is Full  

Ft.McMurray Upcoming Schedule

Date Course ID Register
  Mar 2, 2019 FH2S-0302 Course is Full  

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