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Reimbursement Information & Eligibility

You will have to be a member in good standing. No services are provided to members suspended, or in arrears.

Carpentry Reimbursement

Members must be in good standing for at least 6 months prior to completion of any exam. Original Receipts and final marks (Result Letter from Alberta Learning) must be presented to the Alberta Carpenter's Training Centre for reimbursement. Upon successful completion, Carpenter Apprentices will be reimbursed the amount per level towards their technical training tuition costs, shop fees and books as per the Alberta Government Advanced Education Apprenticeship & Training Division. The ACTC encourages completion of apprenticeship. This also includes members who have successfully completed or challenged and passed their apprenticeship levels.

Enhancement Courses

Any member who takes an approved course is eligible for reimbursement within 12 months after completion of the course. Most sites require members to have the CSTS course before they are allowed on site; therefore new members are encouraged to get this training.

In order to process a reimbursement, the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre requires the original receipt and a copy of the certificate. Members will be reimbursed the maximum amount of the course excluding a $10.00 registration fee. NOTE: No payment will be processed for training that is received OUTSIDE of the Province of Alberta, without prior authorization from the Director of Training & Apprenticeship of the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre.

List of Approved Courses

The following courses are eligible for reimbursement upon PRIOR approval through the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre.

PLEASE NOTE the following information:
Eligible members will only be reimbursed one (1) time in a 3 year period for each course that has expiration. Example: you will only be reimbursed for Confined Space 1 time every three years, no matter what type of Confined Space Course it may have been, if you took Confined Space Awareness and received reimbursement for it and decided you needed OSSA Confined Space you will not receive reimbursement for another Confined Space course for 3 years.

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