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Upcoming Courses Scheduled in Edmonton

Date Course Name Course ID Register
  Jan 17 (2019) Forklift FKL-0117 Course is Full  
  Jan 17 (2019) Ground Disturbance GD-0117 Register Now  
  Jan 18 (2019) H2S Alive H2S-0118 Course is Full  
  Jan 18 (2019) OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor CS-0118 Register Now  
  Jan 18 (2019) OSSA Fall Protection FP-0118 Register Now  
  Jan 19 to Jan 20 (2019) Standard First Aid Level C CPR/AED SFA-0119 Register Now  
  Jan 19 (2019) OSSA Elevated Work Platform EWP-0119 Register Now  
  Jan 20 (2019) OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor CS-0120 Register Now  
  Jan 21 to Feb 8 (2019) Scaffolding Level Two ES2-0121 Course is Full  
  Jan 21 (2019) OSSA Fall Protection FP-0121 Register Now  
  Jan 22 (2019) OSSA Elevated Work Platform EWP-0122 Register Now  
  Jan 23 (2019) Telehandler TEL-0123 Register Now  
  Jan 23 (2019) H2S Alive H2S-0123 Register Now  
  Jan 24 (2019) OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor CS-0124 Register Now  
  Jan 25 (2019) OSSA Fall Protection FP-0125 Register Now  
  Jan 26 (2019) H2S Alive H2S-0126 Register Now  
  Jan 26 (2019) OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor CS-0126 Register Now  
  Jan 26 to Jan 27 (2019) Standard First Aid Level C CPR/AED SFA-0126 Register Now  
  Jan 27 (2019) OSSA Elevated Work Platform EWP-0127 Register Now  
  Jan 28 (2019) OSSA Fall Protection FP-0128 Register Now  
  Jan 28 to Feb 20 (2019) Scaffolding Level Three ES3-0128 Course is Full  
  Jan 29 (2019) H2S Alive H2S-0129 Register Now  
  Jan 29 (2019) OSSA Elevated Work Platform EWP-0129 Register Now  
  Jan 30 (2019) OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor CS-0130 Register Now  
  Jan 31 (2019) Telehandler TEL-0131 Register Now  
  Jan 31 (2019) H2S Alive H2S-0131 Register Now  
  Feb 2 to Feb 3 (2019) Advanced Rigging AR-0202 Register Now  
  Feb 2 (2019) OSSA Fall Protection FP-0202 Register Now  
  Feb 4 (2019) Ground Disturbance GD-0204 Register Now  
  Feb 11 to Mar 1 (2019) Scaffolding Level One ES1-0211 Course is Full  
  Feb 19 to Mar 3 (2019) Industrial Technical Training EITT-0219 Course is Full  
  Mar 4 to Mar 29 (2019) Scaffolding Level Three ES3-0304 Course is Full  
  Mar 11 to May 3 (2019) Period 1 Carpentry ECARP1-0311 Register Now  
  Apr 8 to Apr 26 (2019) Scaffolding Level One ES1-0408 Course is Full  
  May 13 to May 31 (2019) Scaffolding Level Two ES2-0513 Course is Full  

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